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fullo Grain Leather Passport Wallets

My name is Bob Shea, and I’m a lifelong resident of Michigan. 


My artistic expression has developed overtime, starting when I was a small child. I began with drawing and putting model cars together. Over the years my interests developed into trying many other modalities for artistic expression. These include restoring vehicles, building furniture, and incorporating resin into my work. I found an interest for leather work after my space to create had been downsized. I found myself fascinated by several different leather artists online and used that inspiration to create my own patterns and build my own wallets.

I find my creative style to lean more towards a western style with a rugged appearance. I use Horween branded leather or several different Italian leathers for my leather works. I also use Tiger Ritza or Maine thread for my stitching. I take pride in finding the best materials for each wallet that I handcraft. 

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